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MTE - Elma Motion & Birkenstock watch winder from germany

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Trust only Elma Motion, MTE and Birkenstock watch winders from germany to keep your prized mechanical watches wound when unworn. Exclusively handcrafted by world-class artisans, these watch winders are manufactured in limited quantities so you can be sure of the extra care and attention to detail that go into producing each watch winder.

Birkenstock watch winders are stylish, and affordable for both the novice and collector.

MTE watch winders feature exquisite glossy finishing, wooden or metal-case, and german-made high-precision micro motors.

Elma Motion watch winders are made of elegant hardwood and leather with hand stitched finishing, luxurious suede lining, gold-plated locks and hinges, and patented german watch-winding technology.

We are proud to be an authorized dealer for ElmaMotion, Birkenstock / Beco Technic and MTE Watch Winders, the world's most distinguished names in watch winders. Emphasizing superior quality, unmatched precision, and fine craftsmanship,.

Birkenstock, Elma Motion and MTE watch winders are the perfect accessories for your priceless self-winding watches.

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